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HTML Mailer
Brewery/Winery Mailer

Fuse Digital Marketing

Target Audience: Brewery/Winery

This email needed to have the look and feel of a craft beer. These owners are young and maybe just starting out in the alcohol business. They need to get their name out there and Fuse can help.

The design needed to be attention getting. The colors and the dramatic jaw dropping does just that. The customer can relate to the imaging and this draws them in.

Monica + Andy

Target Audience: New Moms

Monica + Andy is known for their organic baby clothing and blankets. Their look is clean and simple as they let their products do the talking. 

Photo shoot: by Bee.

Content writing: by Bee.

Email Campaign
Email Campaign
Tami Newsletter

Tamra Gleason + Associates

Target Audience: Interior Designers

Tami sends out monthly newsletters to keep her designers informed on her lines and any new trends. These emails need to appeal to the visual taste of this group as well as keep Tami's branding consistent.